Rapper Says He Met The Devil

Crunchy Black

Crunchy black says you could say the wrong word and the devil will appear. We have heard many stories of music artist and other celebrities selling their souls for fame to the devil. We have heard even Tupac rap about selling his soul for fast cars, b*tches and material things. If you believe in God then believing that there is evil would not surprise you. But, hearing from someone who says he has met the devil you may find interesting.

See what the rapper said about meeting the devil whom he said does not come in the form you may think….

My deal was…. I don’t know if I should be able to tell you what my deal was. I don’t know if I can get in trouble for that sh*t, but my deal was…the type of person I am. The sh*t that I talk about…am able to get away with just because. Am not serving him and I’m giving him my soul. Its more about get different people to believe in him instead of believing in the lord.

They say that he got cast down to earth because they didn’t want him in heaven.- and he is the son of the same person of God. And sh*t, its just crazy as f**k, because you know, people don’t even search for sh*t like Muslims. Why do we don’t like Caucasian people. We’ll follow somebody else sh*t just because they say its the sh*t. I’m just saying, the devil is real, and God is real. Pick your side before its too late.

Crunchy seems to suggest that Lil Nas X is searching for a meeting with the devil. The rapper went on to say that Lil Nas X should stop searching for something he has no idea what it is about.

Speaking on Lil Nas X’s family members telling him that if he continued to be gay that it will result in him going to hell, BG Knocc gave his opinion on that saying:

Unless your a prophet or something…you don’t have the right to tell nobody who is going to hell and who is not. How you know your not going?

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