Rapper Young Joc Does Uber-Like Driving Service For Extra Cash He Says

Rapper Young Joc is going around saying that making some extra cash doing some Uber-like service is saying it’s a “fun way of gaining income.” All after being recognized as a customer. Young Joc is a clever one or at least he seems to think by jumping before the laughter by saying that he is taxi driver, because he wants to teach kids about hard-work.

A passenger of the car ride-share service, Pull Up N Go Joc was supplying service for noticed Young Joc and asked him if his career has gone to the dumps. More specifically, the woman said to Young Joc that he must have fell off for him to be doing Pull Up N Go. Young Joc reportedly has been a volunteer of Big Brothers Big Sisters in Atlanta, and doing Pull Up N Go is said to be his way of showing kids how to make an honest living.

We wonder though- is there not a better way for Joc to show kids how to make an honest day work which doesn’t include being a taxi driver? No Knock on taxi drivers- God knows we need them. But, given that he is a celebrity- couldn’t he do some office work and have one of the kids help him out in displaying “hard work.?”

I don’t know any everyday person that is ashamed of doing Uber, and other ride-sharing services to some cash. It has actually been the popular job to do. So, Young Joc citing kids would be ashamed of jumping one of these ride-sharing apps to make extra dough we are not buying. Looks to us that he just might be having cash flow problems and is running from his own shame. Why was he wearing aa hoodie to begin with?

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