Raptors Double Overtime Win May Build Confidence

Toronto Raptors

The Toronto Raptors double over-time win is not something that usually happens in Toronto by a professional team. It happened though and Toronto fans were ecstatic. Professional sport teams in Toronto are not known to winning in big moments- but the Raptors did yesterday against the Milwaukee Bucks. Despite the Raptors beating the Bucks, Toronto fans should be worried. Raptors double overtime win against the Bucks displayed this. They are struggling with this team.

It’s not as though the Raptors don’t have what it takes to beat the Bucks-it’s just that the Raptors are too complacent. The often underestimate their opponents, and it’s as though they feel for them by always giving mercy on a blow out that is happening. As a result- the Raptors lose their competitiveness where they opponents capitalize resulting in the demise of the Raptors. Last night the match-up was no doubt a close one between the Raptors and the Bucks, but the Raptors should right now be up 3 games to 0 over the Bucks.

They are clearly the better team if you have been watching the match-up. Many say the Bucks are the better team. In the Raptors double overtime win against them- the Bucks showed this to many. The Bucks maybe with a more deeper, and more experienced bench, but the Raptors have been outperforming the Bucks. The Raptors problem is that they are not maintaining a highly competitive mind-set for four quarters until the end of the game against their performance. This results in lost match-ups for them in games they should be winning.

If they Raptors have a strong desire to go to the next round- they must remain highly competitive for four quarters, and not make their dependence on Kawhi Leonard.All the Raptors players need to get their butts in the gym working late into the evening and night on their jump shots, and tactics on the court. If all the efforts continue to focus on Leonard carrying them over the hill- the Raptors better start dusting off their fishing rods.

Leonard once again helped the Raptors to win another game to avoid the edge of elimination. Raptors double overtime win over the Bucks produced a score of 118- 112. This win was maybe what the Raptors required to gain what looked like in this series to be diminishing confidence.