Snoop Dogg Ask Kim Kardashian To Help Free Rapper A$AP Rocky

Legendary rapper Snoop Dogg is asking Kim Kardashian to help free rapper A$AP Rocky from a Swedish jail. A$AP has been sitting in a Swedish jail following a beat-down he and his  entourage conducted on a guy harassing them. It’s easy for A$AP and his crew to be seen as aggressors as they go to work on the guy that was following them around. However, a prior video showed that A$AP tried to defuse a boiling situation. A$AP was seen on video telling the reported Afghan guy harassing him and his entourage that he wanted no problem. The guy listened but then continue with his sh*t, so A$AP, and his entourage let the guy have it all.

Things went downhill when the guy smashed his headphones what appears to A$AP’s bodyguard. The level of reasoning became slim, which saw the end result being a beat-down. Since rapper Snoop Dogg jumped on social media asking Kim Kardashian, a reality television cast, socialite and friend to President Trump to her good work, saying:

Yo Kim Kardashian,  go get my n***a A$ap rocky out of jail. You got the plug. You been getting all kind of n***a out of jail this year. Go get Rocky out of jail. Look out for us. The black community needs this. Kanye, tell your woman to go get him out.

What is the world coming to when we are asking a socialite to help free a famous rapper from a jail in another country. What does this say about the political system that is headed by President Donald Trump. Swedish authorities have been holding A$AP trying to decide what they will charge him with. American politicians have been voicing that action be done in releasing A$AP. The rapper can face up to 6 years in a Swedish prison.

The beat-down served to the guys by A$AP and his entourage one could have predicted coming.

Snoop’s pleas to Kim Kardashian to use her Trump connection:

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P. S. A. Free @asaprocky

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