Steve Harvey’s Wife’s Ex-Husband Calls Her Disloyal; Preparing Tell All Book

steve harvey and wife Marjorie

Steve Harvey’s current wife, Marjorie is being called out by her ex-husband for betraying him to government authorities on his drug operations which sent him to prison for life. Revealing information like this should be enough for he current husband to be concerned in the kind of woman he has for a wife.

Townsend is preparing to write a tell all book, and if you ask him what he thinks of her reaction-it’s zero care. Townsend is so badly stung by Marjorie’s betrayal that he doesn’t care about the back-lash she may receive from “the truth” coming out about what kind of a woman she is for a wife. Townsend who is a former major drug pusher labelled as a kingpin in the underworld was sentenced to life in prison.

Townsend was released after 26 years in prison. Thanks to a pardon from then President Barack Obama. Such a lengthy prison sentence would rehabilitate one, but Townsend has not flushed his mind of Marjorie’s alleged betrayal. The snippet of the story goes that during his underworld lifestyle as a drug dealer, the heat came down on Townsend, and being that Marjorie was his wife- she felt the heat of investigation as well. Townsend was pinned to the wall for his will to obtain 40 kilos of cocaine.

Marjorie reportedly gave authorities vital information into Townsend’s drug operation. This news is sure to give Steve Harvey the shakes of the woman who really stands by his side. Steve’s marriage to Marjorie has been reported for a lengthy period of time now to be on its rocky end. There are reports of Steve’s infidelity, and Marjorie allegedly in the driver’s seat to clean him out of millions of dollars should a divorce go down.

When Steve met Marjorie his financial matters were in disarray. He was in the red, and owed millions to the IRS. He claimed Marjorie accepted him as he was as they battled through the rough times financially to being back in the green of millions of dollars to his name today. Townsend and Marjorie’s other reported drug dealing partners before she met Steve might just say she is far from a humble, simple woman. Reports are that she likes a life of luxury, and cares more about herself than anyone else.

Townsend claims that in addition to her helping the authorities add meat to their case on him- Marjorie filed for divorce from him in his 5th year in prison. Townsend says he wrote his tell all book on Marjorie while in prison, and explained that he has no allegiance to his ex-wife citing that she showed her hand.