There Maybe Light In Evelyn Lozada And Rob Kardashian Connecting

When Rob Kardashian began flirting with 43 years old, reality t.v. star Evelyn Lozada on Twitter, eyes were intent on the two.The exchange between Rob and Evelyn had many wondering what was going on between the two. Have they already smashed or are they trying to smash. Some wondered if Rob was just trying to put his moves on Evelyn in bedding her. Like teenagers, Evelyn and Rob began sending each other flirtatious messages, and dirty ones at that. Evelyn sent out a message to Rob saying he has a big sausage referring to his penis size. Rob also sent a message out to Evelyn asking her if she squirts.

For all you out there that don’t know, some women during orgasm, release fluid through her their urethra. Sexually, this is referred to as squirting. Basically, the way in which a man ejaculates(finishes) during sex can be resemble in appearance to that of a woman. A man’s fluid is just thicker, whereas a woman who squirts during orgasm has a more water base looking liquid, which comes out like a running tap. So, if this happens to you during sex for the first time – no you did not just pee yourself. After her flirting on Twitter- comments between Evelyn and Rob created some buzz began. Now, you have Rob going to the gym that had everyone wondering even more. What is going on. So, on a recent interview on The Breakfast Club, 43 years old Evelyn was ask if she would ever date 32 years old Rob, and her response:

I think Rob is a nice guy, I really, really do. I feel like he has potential for greatness- and I hope he really keeps kicking ass in the gym, because I think he’s a nice looking man.

I would go on a date with Rob.

Evelyn stated that she only began with the dirty message to Rob as a dare, and she made it a point that she is committed to dares. Is there a method even to squirt or does it just happen from really good sex that is beyond the woman’s control ?