This Is What 71 Years Old Looks Like When You Got Money

Vera Wang

Believe it or not, Fashion designer Vera Wang is 71 years old. Either she has some really good genes or her life soaked in wealth has been good to her. The rich and famous are well known to to engage in cosmetic changes for a much younger look. We don’t know if Wang has In celebration of her birthday and Pride Month, Wang captioned the photo in saying:

PRIDE Workout.

Reportedly, a fan spotting Wang’s abs was in disbelief and asked the seventy plus year old designer what her secret is to which she replied in saying:

Work, sleep, a vodka cocktail, not much sun.

You believe that? Why is it that people often hold so secret to their heart that can help others. Anyways- Wang who is well known for changing the fashion world with her trend setting designs- sent out a message on social media in response to the George Floyd case. She said:

“You changed the world. Peace. Justice. Respect.”