Tiffany Hadish Says Solution In Making Change In America Is For Everyone To Stop Having Sex

Tiffany Hadish

It’s unclear if Tiffany Hadish was joking or not on her comments that to squash racism black women are to stop having sex with white men. Whether joking or not- Tiffany’s comments are ignorant of the serious purpose of the protest happening all over the country. I could not think of a moment in my life that I have witnessed massive protest all over the country and the world by black people demanding equality and a stop to racism.

Now, here you have Tiffany saying that that to stop decades of racism and equality it all comes down to sex. Stop having sex she says. She goes:

“Like, people have asked me, ‘Tiffany, how can we solve this? What do you think we could do?'” she continued. “To be honest, I don’t know. But I know when I have problems and I want them solved, I just stop having sex and everything’s solved. So, if everybody just stopped having sex, especially if you are in an interracial relationship and your man is white, stop having sex with your white man. Things will change.

She continued:

If you are a white woman and you’ve got a white man, stop having sex with that white man. When a white man ain’t gettin’ no sex, things change, that I know.

Tiffany says that sex is power, and it just maybe in one’s house-hold- but not to change generations of people who long have been racist. We are in serious times and Tiffany is playing around. Does she ever turn off for her over the top comments and actions. She is just always on…am I the only one that finds this annoying in Tiffany?