Tyrese Gibson Goes On Tirade Cussing Out Celebrities

Tyrese Gibson

We don’t know if Tyrese Gibson every so often requires his cup of attention filled, and if this maybe the reason why he acts out the way he does. But, it sure is not the way to build friends and maintain friendships or get jobs. Tyrese Gibson’s recent tirade ? The former r&b singer turned actor jumped on social media being disrespectful:

“Message to My Fellow Entertainers:

In 2019, in the midst of racism, police brutality, abortion, women rights, equal pay, economical instability and a xenophobic world that we’re living in, if all you are doing is using your platforms to promote your movies, shows & music… f*** you too.”

Tyrese’s behavior comes across as crazy. Telling his fellow entertainers to f**k off because they have not done things to his liking.

Realizing the butter that supplies his bread- Tyrese quickly took down the post. But, the damage is already done. Why Tyrese says things only to regret it later. How this man’s brain processes is intriguing in a disturbing way. Ladies, know what you are in for if you choose to hook up with Tyrese Gibson.

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