Usher Calls Nicki Minaj A Product Of Lil Kim

Lil kim and Nicki Minaj

If there is a bet I would drop my money on- it would be this…Nicki Minaj reacting with rage over Usher saying she is a product of Lil Kim. Usher made the comments during an online discussion with music beat maker Swiss Beats. Swiss mentioned the urging request of the online zombies wishing to see Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj go toe-to-toe in that online verzuz battle to appease people at home.

Usher said to Swiss what many have thought over the years. Despite Nicki believing she is unique…many have viewed her the former rapper as a copy of Lil Kim User just said what many have thought over the years, Nicki is like a Lil Kim 2.0.

The mass can continue to wish for a battle between Nicki and Kim, but I don’t think this is going to happen. Nick has had issues getting along and maintaining positive relationships femles. I highly doubt Kim will want to engage in any kind of business with the retired rapper.