Watch Will Smith Stop A Basketball In Mid-Air For Cleaning All In Precaution Of COVID-19

Will Smith Stops Basketball mid air for cleaning

Can never be too safe with the COVID-19  pandemic circulating out there. It’s those who think of the virus, the pandemic as a joke, as simply that of a cold who end up for the shock of their life. It’s wise to take precautions against the Coronavirus than not. How important is your life, and how much do you value life. Push religion aside.

There is the ignorant talk by some who refuse to take precautions in wearing a mask as they believe in God doing all the work to keeping them safe away from COVID-19. It’s this ignorance that kills people, and spreads the virus. Will Smith knows that COVID-19 is no joke, and in his way of getting the message out there with a twist of humor posted a video of him stopping a basketball mid-air for some cleaning before proceeding.