Wendy Williams And Blac Chyna Developing A Friendship

Black Chyna and Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams and Blac Chyna are getting acquainted with each other en-route to becoming friends. Wendy was so touched by Blac Chyna’s approach to life, and all that she has gone through along with misunderstanding what she stands for that the talk show host decided to exchange numbers the socialite. Wendy simultaneously invited Blac Chyna to mingle with her.

Wendy’s actions in engaging with a celebrity on a personal level is quite the shift. It was not too long ago that Wendy made it known that she refrains from mixing with celebrities stating that it would make it difficult to provide the juice on them in “Hot Topics.” Wendy excited about living her life now freely since cutting ties from her husband, revealed her night out on her show, saying:

Despite Wendy saying she refuses to be friends with celebrities, we can see how this union with Blac Chyna slipped through the cracks. Blac Chyna came across as down-to-earth, and you can just see she was nervous. Blac Chyna came across also as sincere during her sit down with Wendy- which may have brought about that kindling. The interview with Wendy and Blac Chyna was so good that we wished for it to be a bit longer. Scroll down to watch the interview with Wendy Williams and Blac Chyna….

Several things we found strange with the entire conenction between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian taken from what she said. Why would she just meet up with some guy she knows from the beginning is not mentally stable. She says she just wanted to make him the best person he can be, but why was this her concern. He has 5 sisters, a mother, step mother and comes from a family of wealth high in the millions. So, Rob has the emotional support of his family and is at the pleasure of financial support to get him whatever medical attention in help he needs.

So, again-what was Blac Chyna’s real purpose going to meet up with a man she knew from the beginning was not mentally stable. And, she mentioned she had sex with Rob in five days of meeting him. What!? The next thing she mentioned is that Rob stated to her that he wanted a baby with her as a present for her birthday.

What the hell? Most women would run for the door, but Blac Chyna stuck around. She may come across as a good woman, but Blac Chyna sucks at making logical, reasonable decisions with men. Explains why she is bouncing from one to the other.

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