Wendy Williams’ Son Arrested For Punching His Father

Wendy Williams son

Wendy Williams’ son is now registered in the justice system. What led to the arrest of Wendy Williams’ son might make you laugh. It’s what you would suspect and what you may not suspect, and it may have you disliking Wendy Williams’ pending ex-husband even more. Reportedly, Kevin Hunter Sr grabbed his son, Kevin Hunter Jr into a headlock after he questioned his father’s actions in requesting spousal support from his mother, Wendy Williams.

In addition to that- it’s also claimed that Kevin Sr consistently was providing pressing advice to his son to create his on path in life rather than depending on his mother financially. The argument went down in a parking lot close to the family’s mansion Wendy bought. It’s said that Wendy dropped her son off at the home for him to collect some things, and Wendy left with the plans to return to pick her son up.

Kevin Jr and is father were never reported to have a sour relationship, but he was not expecting his father at the home when he arrived to collect a few things. As a matter of fact, the reason why they ended up at a store parking lot had to do with some father son bonding. It appears that this is a case of someone pushing the limit of the other, which resulted in indirect insults leading to an physical altercation. All the commotion in a store parking lot area resulted in police being called and Wendy Williams’ son was arrested for assault. Despite Kevin Sr being the one that reportedly engaged the physical altercation- police arrested Kevin Jr, because he allegedly caused evident injuries to his father. Kevin Jr punched his father in the face which left his father with a bloodied nose.

Catching up to to Kevin Sr: stated that he loves his son, and will not be pursuing this matter legally. Kevin Sr also stated that things are not always what they seem. It’s quite interesting that Kevin Sr reportedly was telling his son to stand on his own two feet without his mother’s support when he, Kevin Sr is looking for spousal support from Wendy.

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