Kim Kardashian’s Baby Boy News Is Here With Rapper Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kayne West

Kim Kardashian’s baby boy news is here, and of course it comes with much joy, excitement and ease as this is Kim’s fourth child and second with a surrogate. Kim Kardashian’s new baby new baby according to the bottle cap body mom is looks like a twin to Chicago.

Kim welcomed her 4th child along with her husband Kayne West to the world thanks to a surrogate in Los Angeles. Kim’s age and previous pregnancies have been risky, so the doctor reportedly advised her not to get pregnant again as the process for her would be a high risk pregnancy. So, Kim opted to select a surrogate to carry her baby for 9 months.

It’s a new baby boy into the the strange life that is Kim and Kayne. Reports are that Kim and Kayne were at the hospital where their surrogate was giving birth to their 4th child. Kim tweeted the good new via Twitter saying

The reality t.v. cast and socialite felt at comfort with the process of connection with her surrogate, saying that she loves her surrogate. She goes onto say that seeing what her surrogate was going through with carrying her baby reminded her of what she went through in her own pregnancy. Kim stated that she felt a high level of trust with her surrogate as she viewed how her surrogate has been protecting of the process.

Kim and Kayne have yet to give their baby boy a name at the time of this post being shot up. In a recent episode of the Ellen DeGeneres show, Kim’s sister, Kourtney Kardashian surprised her mother who was a guest on the show with her and Kim’s kids. All this just before Kim’s surrogate gave birth to their fourth child. Scroll down below to check out the video….

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