Actress Niecy Nash’s Divorce Cites Love Falling Out In Another Area Of Friendship

I have heard of Caucasian couples saying that the love in their relationship has taken a different form resulting in the relation ending. I have even heard of Caucasian couples requesting a “break” in their relationship. These kinds of behaviors are not common in African American relationships- but we are seeing it more and more. The request for a break in the relationship and some saying they have just grown apart appear to be moving like a trend. Societal influence maybe to explain for this fashion of behavior by black couples today.

What is this! Lets take a break in the relationship.? We should get divorce because we have grown apart.” What the hell is all this! Two people getting married says that there is strong love between the two individuals. Even a couple as boyfriend and girlfriend together for years is a display of a strong connection and love for each other.

The idea of a former couple saying that they are divorcing base solely on their love no longer in-sync with each other is a crock. It’s easier to say that they just rushed into things without knowing each other well enough. Love makes you work things out. Love makes it impossible for anything to drive a couple apart. Even with selfishness in a relationship- it’s difficult to break the bond of true love.

One would have to wonder if love ever existed when two individuals reason for breaking up is that their love fell out of sync. Now, in the case of infidelity, and being deceived where ones life is in danger. This is where love can be broken due to lack of trust. Actress Niecy Nash said this of her divorcing her husband:

“It was just a part of our lives that we are in, because we are really great friends who still love each other,” she told Extra. “The love has just transitioned into a different type, and so we just said, ‘Let’s let the world catch up to where we have already been,’ because by the time you get it, the news is real old in our lives.”

Did you get that? Love transitioning into “a different type.” The rumors flying is that Nash’s 8 year marriage began nose diving as her husband began feeling uncomfortable with her job. On-screen sexuality sometimes attached to her job as an actress was reportedly too much for Nash’s husband to handle.

Further explaining their marriage break-down in short, Nash and her husband releasing a joint statement said this:

“We believe in the beauty of truth. Always have. Our truth is that in this season of our lives, we are better friends than partners in marriage. Our union was such a gorgeous ride. And as we go our separate ways now, we feel fortunate for the love we share — present tense.”

Since the break-up and pending divorce has gone public, Nash jokingly said that she would like to interview the woman with the desire to be with her ex-man. The reason? Nash says she wants to make sure her ex is taken care of.

This makes for Nash(49) second failed marriage. The actress has three children from her previous marriage of 13 years to a church minister. Nash’s latest marriage to Jay Tucker of 9 years leaves Nash with much reflection to do.