Comedian Gary Owens’ Pending Ex-Wife Demands $44,000 A Month In Spousal Support

Owens and pending ex-wife

Gary Owens’ ex-wife is not playing. Kenya Duke is asking a judge for Owens to pay her $44,000 a month in spousal support. Who knew Owens was making that kind of dough for Duke to request $44,000 monthly in spousal support. Duke no doubt must know Owens income to settle on $44,000 in support.

Gossip website, TMZ in court documents they obtained say that Duke was receiving that kind of dough from Owens monthly. The report goes onto say that Owens would deposit $44,000 in Duke’s account monthly when they were together to pay for credit card bills and to support her spending habits. In case if you are thinking Duke is a gold-digger. Then this may make you think again. She claims that she supported Owens dream to be an actor and tossed her career to be there for him. With her back up against the wall with reportedly no financial support from Owens- Duke decided to go after Owens money another way, through the court.

This one is sure to tick you off in COVID-19 pandemic times. According to Duke, Owens was doing so well for himself that he would have checks of $600,000 and $300,000 laying around their domain. He saw no rush in cashing a check if it was not a big one.

What a life…I am quick to cash my checks from work. I don’t play. How beautiful it must be to be rich! Owens monthly income is said to be upwards of $400,000 a month according to Duke and never drops below $100,000. Damn, damn, and damn. And, that is for what many Hollywood would call a low level comedian. See the couple below in better times touching on how they met…