Did You Know Former “Hellboy” Actor Has A Black Wife ?

Who knew, former Hellyboy actor Ron Perlman has a black wife(above left), but as we found this out- Perlman is getting a divorce. Perlman’s divorce comes to his wife, Opal Perlman of almost 40 years of marriage since living apart for months.

Five months into his marriage separation, Perlman reportedly was caught kissing his co-star work-mate, Allison Dunbar passionately off the job. Reportedly, Perlman and Dunbar are already living together, and she is already close to one of his daughter, Blake 35 years old. Perlman also has a 29 year old son with his wife of 38 years.

Perlman’s new woman, Dunbar is 42 years old while Perlman sits at 69 years old. The former Hellboy’s pending ex-wife is Jamaican, but grew up America. Opal Perlman who is reportedly 60 years old can rest her mind financially. She is set to receive spousal support from Ron Perlman. Allegedly, those close to Perlman and his wife say they are not surprise the married couple are divorcing.