Reports: Wendy Williams Not Surprise Husband Is Asking For Spousal Support

Wendy Williams and husband- kevin hunter

It came to us as a surprise that Wendy Williams’ husband, Kevin Hunter would request spousal support from her after he allegedly cheated on her, but Unlike us-Wendy is not surprise by Hunter’s need for her money. According to sources-Wendy is just confused as to how Hunter thinks he can get child support for their son when he is 18 years old.

This is the same thing Telisted said in our early reporting on Hunter looking to cash in on child support. It just doesn’t make sense. It’s said that Wendy knows her son going to college will require financial assistance, and she is said to be fine with this.

Hunter doesn’t help himself in some easing up their jabs on him by calling him calling Wendy Williams his meal ticket. Hunter is going all out even after the Wendy called it quits with him. He is reportedly requesting that Wendy pay his legal bills in his battle against her in court. The talks have long been that Hunter only stuck with Wendy for financial gain.

He reportedly was using Wendy’s money to buy his mistress the fine things in life with one the biggest being a $250,000 Ferrari that was leased. The Ferrari was repossessed at Wendy’s order. Luckily, for Wendy she has high powered lawyers to fend off any advantages Hunter may think he has over her.