Tiny Brings Out T.I.’s Controlling Behaviour To Light In “Red Table Talk” With Jada Smith

T.I. was annoyed as hell out of his wife, Tiny speaking her truth on their marriage, but she still talked anyways. T.I. who has cheated on his wife didn’t help his case with his arrogance on Red Table Talk to his wife pounding for independence. The “Grand Hustle” rapper on the Red Table Talk had this to say regarding the turbulence in his marriage:

Our relationship from 19 years ago was kinda built on I guess the principles of practice of us being together all the time. We were a huge part of each other’s lives. When I went to prison….I guess she felt like well now I have to figure out what I’m gonna do. Because I don’t have you hear to continue the protocols and practices that we have established in the fundamental stages of this relationship. So, when I got back- the world was upside down. She kinda had an air like…its my time. I thought we was just gon hit the ground running again, back to how things were. There was a acclamation period that I had to make it through.

Someone truly forgot to inform T.I. that women evolve, and their purpose in this world is well beyond being maternal. Tiny responded to the her husband in saying:

What he is trying to say is…I went and found my own voice. He was use to saying, okay no…were doing this. Were moving this way, and I be like..okay. But, when he came home he say were moving this way, and I be like well no I go this to do. And, he’s like…what- thats not the way. It wasn’t what he was used to. He was used to controlling things that…

T.I. then interrupted Tiny in saying “wait a minute in objection to her saying he is used to controlling things. Tiny quickly changed her words to saying:

Well, having things his way at all times. But, once I got on my own two feet I felt like I should have a voice too, and that voice was a little different than what he was used to. That to me was what caused the issue. It wasn’t because I was being outlandish disrespectful. If you recall- you cannot move, you cannot go anywhere.

I was still in the house like I was on probation doing all the things. But, because I had a voice that was not so timid- like, to me this is my outlook on it. I feel like…he felt like this is not the woman I left, and this is not what I want. I want somebody that…if I tell her this she is gonna listen. And- she is gonna do this the way I want her to do it.

Tiny then went on in signalling that she felt T.I. went out on their marriage in search of a woman he can better control- because she was not going to be that woman. T.I. responded in with his position on essentially saying that Tiny knew the kind of man and marriage he wanted, and she agreed. So, why now a chnage he asked her. Tiny visibly upset and Jada seeing this had to hold her hands. Tiny responded to T.I. in saying:

When you have a man that says don’t work, don’t this I want to do this. I want to take care of everything there is something hidden behind that. To me, to me…I feel like when a man wants to…they want to be your all, your in and all – then that means you have less of a chance to say, I moving this way or I am going this way. When a man completely takes control takes care of you- you don’t have a lot of say. So, for a long time cause you didn’t want me to work

We wonder…can a couple that is together for two decades as T.I., and Tiny really be incompatible for each other. T.I. after 0 plus years with Tiny revealed he doesn’t even known what Tiny’s triggers are.