Tisha Campbell Reveals She Only Had $7 To Her Name After Divorce

Tisha Campbell

Many women have one thing in common, and that is when they have been through a bad relationship- there is more appreciation for something new. What was important before is not as important now, and most women going through the hands of a bad man having not just being hurt physically but financially. Women having being through all that  life with more of an open eye. The question often posed to this newly single woman is that they need a man now. It is question and a push I will never understand by typically by other women onto their female friends.

Why not leave that person alone and let her heal on her own terms. She will know when it is she is ready, or not for someone new in her life. Actress Tisha Campbell(52years old) now divorced after having been in a marriage to actor Duane Martin for over two decades revealed that she only had $7 to her name. But, she is the happiest she has been in her life. Listen to a snippet of her speaking below…

Can you relate to the pain Campbell went through from a bad relationship ?