Ayesha Curry’s Botched Boob Job Revelation Days After Saying She Wishes For Men To Check Her Out

Ayesha Curry

Ayesha Curry’s botched boob job happened despite being married to one of the highest paid athlete in the world. So, what lesson have we learned ? Humans make errors, doesn’t matter how skilled they are. Ayesha Curry’s bad boob job also tells us that one should be happy with their body the way it’s.

Because, going under the knife to change things may just make you come out looking worse than the way you went in. Ayesha is now finding out things the hard way. The 30 year old wife of NBA star Stephen Curry revealed that in dealing with postpartum depression- she decided to go and get a boob job to elevate her mood.

Ayesha says that she made the rush decision to have her breast lifted after giving birth, and it was a wrong one. Ayesha says she ended up with bigger breast than that she didn’t want. She mentions that it her bad boob job was the worse on the planet. Ayesha mentions that her breast is worse now than they were before. She now has learned from her lesson in rushing to do something, saying:

I would never do anything like that again.

The NBA house wife says that despite saying she would never rush or do a boob job again- she is still an advocate to someone doing what makes them feel happy about their body. It’s not unusual for a woman to have sagging breast or stretch marks after giving birth once or several times. This is why celebrities wait so long before getting pregnant.

Their is the feeling of them believing their breast, and stomach not being the same again that involves stretch marks and a sagging tummy or breast. Ayesha Curry’s botched boob job revelations comes just days after she came forward expressing her insecurities of men not check her out. This is the second instance of insecurities Ayesha is displaying. Should we be concerned for Ayesha Curry’s mental state ? Thoughts ?