Graves Disease Sidelines Wendy Williams This Time

wendy williams fainting on her talk show

Graves Disease forces Wendy Williams into an extended leave of absence off her talk show. It has been weeks since Williams’ absence from her talk show. This is the third time Wendy is calling in sick for work in weeks. Guest host have filled in since her absence. This time it is reportedly that the Wendy Williams Show will run repeats of the show until it comes back to air on January 28th.

Wendy’s latest submission of Graves Disease is sure to have her fans wondering even more about her health. Prior, all we have heard was that Wendy required bed rest with talks swirling around her injured arm. It was believed Wendy was lying for the reason she is taking time off work. The rumor mill has been running for long time of Wendy’s husband cheating on her. The belief by man assumed Wendy was taking an extended absence off work to hide from from public eye.

Wendy has come out saying everything is good in marriage land with her husband, but many believe she is in denial and saving herself from the embarrassment. Wendy has come clean about her disorder that is Grave Disease long ago. The disorder has sidelined from her she before where its said doctors ordered her to bed rest.

Grave Disease is serious disorder that affects the lives of many. Doesn’t matter what if your rich. Graves Disease can result in inflammation of the muscles in addition to heart palpitations along with tremors. Wendy is reportedly receiving the medical attention she requires to getting better.

We wish Wendy all the best, and hope she returns back to work vibrant, and ready to go. Rapper 50 Cent has been going hard at Wendy during her absence from her talk show. Wendy insulted 50 Cent in the pass, and poked fun at him and the rapper has not forgot. 50 Cent insulted Wendy by comparing her to an alien.