I’d Recommend Cardi B See A Doctor Really Quickly,” Dr Terry Dubrow On Cardi’s Swollen Feet

Cardi B’s massively swollen feet got the attention of a Dr Terry, and he is concerned. Cardi has made no secrets about having liposuction and breast augmentation, and her swollen feet is said to be apart of the “side effects”of her procedures.

Dr Terry Dubrow however is saying that so long after her surgery- Cardi should not be having complications from her plastic surgery procedures. The doctor had this to say of Cardi’s swollen feet in connection to her plastic surgeries:

The question is: why is she still having complications this far out for a breast augmentation and liposuction. The fact that that her legs are still this swollen indicates that there is something more going on than we’re actually hearing about. Because there is obstruction to flow back to the heart that means there is a problem from the liposuction in the groin that we don’t know about. I’d recommend that Cardi B get seen really quickly. I’d recommend to tell her that plastic surgery is as serious as any other kind of surgery like cardiac surgery or heart surgery and to treat it like that.

And, if you don’t behave it can result in a really significant complication that can compromise your life. So, she really needs to get it together. Just bothers me that she is this far out and still have leg swelling. Flying is one thing but there maybe something else going on that we actually don’t know about.

Unfortunately, Dr Dubrow is dealing with a hard headed person that is Cardi B. She is not one to really listen to a doctor’s advice. Previously she performed onstage a short time after have liposuction procedures. She was reportedly told by a doctor to get bed rest and she went against doctor’s orders. On her most recent surgery, Cardi heed to doctor’s advice for bed rest, but it’s clear something serious is happening by looking at her feet. She can barely get her feet into a pair of shoes. Lets hope after this serious warning by Dr Dubrow that Cardi sees her health more important than money.

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