Serbian Soccer Star Investigated On Possible Jail Time In Refusing To Self-Quarantine

Serbian soccer star, Lucka Jovic just couldn’t stay away from his girlfriend after reportedly being given isolation orders- and that decision may cost him some jail time. The soccer star is facing possible jail time for refusing to follow orders- which said he had to self-quarantine for 14 days. Jovic and the rest of his soccer team were ordered to self isolate after a basketball player in Real Madrid tested positive for coronavirus.

Extra precaution is being taken everywhere now that the coronavirus has become a world-wide problem. Jovic is reportedly under investigation for not self-quarantining after travelling abroad. Jovic seeing that jail time could be a real thing, allegedly sent this message out online:

While in Spain, I tested negative for coronavirus, and I decided to travel to Serbia to help and support our people and be close to my family, in agreement with my club. When I landed in Serbia, I again tested negative for coronavirus. I am very sorry that some people did their job unprofessionally and did not give me the correct instructions on how to behave in self-isolation.

In Spain, I was allowed to go to a pharmacy and a supermarket so I could get the groceries I needed, which is not the case here. I apologise to everyone if I have endangered them in some way and I hope that together we can manage to overcome all this.”

Still though, what would have been the harm in Jovic taking extra precaution in going into quarantine for 14 days. Instead he made a dash to his girlfriend. Men, can they not control their sausage for a period of important times.

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