Tamar Braxton Awake And Alert

NeNe Leakes and Tamar Braxton

The light has shined on Tamar Braxton(right) in her being given another chance to do things right. The outspoken sibling of the Braxton sisters was rushed to a nearby hospital in Los Angeles after being found unconscious overdosed on pill¬† and liquor. We are now hearing from former reality show star NeNe Leakes of Tamar’s health status since being taken to the hospital for a suicide attempt. Nene wrote on Instagram:

I talk to Tamar often! Spoke to her yesterday and tried to pull her through this moment. Spoke to her and David today! I say that to say this…check on your strong friends! Try not to judge so much! Know that there are people being treated wrong for real and it’s really painful. I know Tamar is gonna get thru but please pray for her strength.

Braxton’s emotional state began unraveling after reportedly having tough day. NeNe’s thoughts of having talks with Braxton in getting her through the moment appears to fall in line with Braxton allegedly saying she wanted to kill herself. Much focus is now on the usually bubbly socialite’s 7 year old child whom she bread with Vincent Herbert. Will she lose custody or maintain custody after her alleged suicide.