The #FreeBritney Movement Is Up Again

Britney Spears

Britney Spears may look like she is drowning in prescription drugs to keep her mental state at bay, but she is not being held against her will. She may look facially absent, but she is where she wants to be as it is reported. A #FreeBritney movement has started up again with calls for the actress to be freed from the clutches of her handlers. Britney can be labelled as the one to have lit the fire leaving many to be concerned for her safety and mental state.

Britney’s weird video uploads with her looking like she is about to blow was enough to have fans and social media observers to vent their concerns. Again, many believe Britney’s father who is said to control her business affairs, security and money flow is holding the pop singer against her will. The reality is, Britney has never been the same since she shaved off her head. And, then there is now medications she has been taking for a long time is no longer working effectively allegedly in keep her mental state in check. From TMZ:

Britney is struggling. Her meds stopped working and doctors were having trouble finding the right combination. Sources with direct knowledge tell us she’s not been easy to deal with … she sometimes complains she wants more freedom. Short story — she hasn’t been especially stable managing her mental illness.