Usher’s STD Case Solved After R&B Singer Settles With Accuser

Usher and std accuser Laura Helm

Usher can now go back to working on those dance moves and music that has made women drool for him over the years. A woman who filed a lawsuit accusing Usher of giving herpes has decided to drop her lawsuit against the R&B crooner due to an alleged settlement being agreed on between the two parties. The lawsuit was launched against Usher in 2017 by Laura Helm saying she had unprotected sex with Usher, and was infected with herpes by the singer.

Helm was reportedly looking to recoup $20 million dollars. An agreement between Helm and Usher has reportedly been reached for an undisclosed amount. So, now what does this mean!? Coming to an alleged financial resolution with a woman accusing him of giving her herpes only provides the belief that Usher has herpes. Because, why come to any resolution with someone accusing you of something if you are not at fault.

It’s difficult to ignore how Usher’s music will be affected by the reported news of him having an sexually transmitted disease. After all, the majority of his fan base are women who dream about sleeping with the R&B singer.

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