Why Are Celebrities So Proudly, And Quickly Saying They Have The Coronavirus ?

Slim Thug

Since the coronavirus pandemic, celebrities who claim they are infected with the virus have been quick to hop on social media in revealing to the world their diagnosis. First thought is why ?  Why are celebrities so forthcoming and quick to tell the world that they have coronavirus?

Even in cases where celebrities show no symptoms for the coronavirus- they are getting tested, and claim they have the virus. Then there are the many cases from these same celebrities where they say they have the virus, but at the same time say they feel great, healthy and say they are doing fine.

It boggles the mind on how this can be. What we know of the coronavirus in particular of those claiming to have it for days is that one’s health turns for the worse. One’s failing health is evident. The symptoms are evident, and one does not feel upbeat and their body is far from its normal self. But, again- celebrities would have you know they are doing fine. So, it’s easy to wonder if celebrities who are known to being very private of health status on if they are telling the truth.

Question, have you ever had just the regular flew or cold and feel great ?

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