Kanye West Dares Anyone To Kill Him Or Abuse Him For His Words


Known to many of us more commonly as Kanye West now preferring to be called Ye, the rap artist made it known that he is ready to die. Ye in a recent interview on Drink Champs expressed his frustrations, anger in being blocked from executing his genius, history changing talents onto the world.

Ye blamed the well connected in creating schemes in discrediting him and labelling him as crazy. Ye goes onto pointing the finger at the powers that be who he says are the Jewish people for keeping his visions in a box. The rapper plants them controlling his path of success, and silencing him at will.

Ye tackling the thought that many people believe he is crazy based on the message he says is put out there by the powers that be placed his spin on what he does that he is being called crazy for. He explains:

A lot of people want to call me crazy. Its like running a marathon. If I got some short shorts and a tank top and I’m sweating hard as hell running down the wrong way down a freeway then you gonna say that person is crazy, but if a hundred other people do it with me then its a marathon.

N.O.R.E touching on Ye’s previous deal with the Gap presented this thought to Ye:

When we first seen the Gap Deal right, we understand that rich mother-f–kers ain’t going to the Gap, but you know what, they was going to the Gap because of you, and they said powered by Balenciaga. But, when you walk into the store and then these clothes on the floor…is that degrading to someone who is rich that want to come in there and support you.

Ye responds saying:

We should degrade the rich. Everybody is dirt. Everybody on the same level beneath God. We’ll hop over a homeless person to get to the Gucci store.

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