Rapper Blueface Expresses Interest In Lizzo And She Replies


Lizzo is known for showing off her plus sized asset, so you know it was just a matter of time before a man comes calling. One would never suspect though it would be one hit wonder rapper Blueface that would express his interest  in Lizzo’s body. Black men are well known to loving a woman with some serious junk in the trunk. Bluceface made a shout out to Lizzo on saying

“Lizzo, if you’re out there and you’re hearing this, listening — call me, baby.


And- Lizzo knows what black   men like. She wasted no time in replying to Blueface with a photo of her huge a** …with the caption “Blueface baby.”

Doesn’t sound like Blueface is looking for a relationship with Lizzo though. It appears that he just wants to smash for the experience. He says he has had a couple of big women, and seemingly reference she can get his sausage too. We doubt Lizzo is that blind, so we will safely assume that she knows what is up from Blueface. In case you don’t know what Lizzo does for a living-here she is at work below…