Rapper Blueface Says He Had Sex With 1,000 Women In 6 Months

We don’t know how long 22 years old rapper Blueface is going to last in the music industry. It is easy to say that he may just be a one hit wonder with his Thotiana hit song. Whatever the case- Blueface appears to be taking full advantage of his temporary fame by sleeping with as many women as he can. The rapper is clearly not concerned about being called a man-whore, and being thought of as disgusting.

The rapper didn’t crack no jokes about it when he was asked during an interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood– he says he has slept with 1,000 women in six months. Radio personality, Big Boy asked Blueface in a game of higher or lower in how many females he has knocked down(had sex with) in the last six months. As Big Boy quickly guessed the number as 5- Blueface quickly said:

Hell no. Probably like thousand.

Big Boy in shock said…what you say? Blueface with serious look on his face without a slip of the tongue repeated that probably like a 1,000 women he has slept with in six months. Blueface went onto to say he is a f*cker. Confirming that he likes sex a whole lot.

Big Boy still in shock said 1,000 women in six months you had sex with…this is when Blueface explained things saying sometimes it might be a threesome or foursome. Blueface even went on to say that he sometimes it’s him alone with four girls. He then said it’s pretty hard doing a fivesome, he and four girls.

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