Rapper Trick Daddy Reveals Likes For A Bedroom Act That Is A No, No For Many

Trick Daddy

It maybe nasty to you, but the reality is- there are men out there who are into anal eatery. This believe it or not is a turn on for some men. We tried a way to word this no zone sexual act for many in the bedroom in a delicate way but there is no way around it. Women licking, eating, stimulating or whatever you want to call it to a man’s buttocks.

Rapper Trick Daddy in a recent interview on Drink Champs was asked if eating booty gang(his search of woman willing to eat the booty) was still in affect. The host, N.O.R.E shocked in Trick Daddy’s taste for the sexual act asked on his leg position as he receives the sexual act, asking:

Trick, you don’t have your legs in the air though.

Trick responds: It depends.

See, Trick Daddy below openingly speak on the sexual act which he loves to happen on his butt whether with his legs in the air or not as he looks to gather women willing to perform the act….