The Game Clears The Air On Him Being A Better Rapper Than Eminem

The Game

When The Game declared he was a better lyricist than Eminem- the internet went crazy. Many wondered…how dare The Game. What he said on Drink Champs:

I used to think Eminem was better than me. He not. He not. He is not. Hey, hey. Challenge it.

Then we wondered if The Game was committing career suicide by his comments in saying that he was a better rapper than Eminem. The Game returning to the issue at hand as to why he calls out Eminem as not being a better rapper than him saying this:

Cause 50 can’t rap. And so, I gotta go a level up and challenge the better rapper.

Game went onto say when it comes to rap, 50 Cent cannot out rap him. He then mentioned Eminem as 50 Cent’s buddy-Eminem, saying now he can rap. Game furthers in saying nobody takes lyrical shots at Eminem because they believe he is better than them. Hence, why he is stepping to the plate.

Do we care though if Game is a better rapper than 50 Cent? Fact is- the mass likes lyrics which connect to their everyday life- which 50 Cent did very well over 10 million times. Seeing him become rich many times over with his popularity hitting the roof. Who is the better lyricist is not what the audience really cares about.

Good hooks, music beats and relatable lyrics is what the mass cares about. And, 50 Cent mastered this. Someone needs to remind Game of this. Game did give 50 Cent credit on his success as a t.v. producer- and also the win in that. Still you cannot ignore the possibility of some hate against 50 Cent.

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