Amber Rose Displays Her HUGE Pregnant Belly And It Is Massive

Amber Rose is about to explode with her second pregnancy. Does the size of how huge the tummy is during pregnancy determine the size of the baby or does this have more to do with eating?

Amber looks like she is about to explode right there on the spot as she displays to us how far along she is. The size of Amber’s belly is the size we would see of a woman having twins. So, we wonder, is Amber having twins or something and hiding it from us. One thing is for sure, you can dislike her all you want…but Amber has it going on, STILL. Even during pregnancy she is hot and even hotter.

Amber is 35 years old, and this is her second pregnancy and second child to a different man. She has one child with rapper Wiz Khalifa, and now will be having another baby with a different man, Alexander Edwards. Amber’s marriage to Wiz Khalifa ended some years ago.