Ashley Graham Is Proud Of Her Baby Stretch Marks

Ashley Graham

Modelling is what made her a house-hold name, but you would never guess it by the way 32 years old Ashley Graham is embracing her stretch marks from her first pregnancy. Where most women complain about their stretch marks from their pregnancy, and hide the scars from their months of carrying- Ashley is embracing her battle marks. The plus size model can easily resort to a one piece bathing suit, but she clearly viewed her pregnancy scars as battle wounds to be proud of. Ashley proudly speaking of her stretch marks said:

“When I look at my new stretch marks and the changes that my body went through, it reminds me that, as women, we’re all superheroes.

Ashley just have us loving her even more with her insights…she says something which many of us ladies don’t think about in giving birth, and that is the gift we have been given to create and produce life. We always focus on how we look and not the gift our bodies has to produce life. This thought clearly always remained with Ashley as she said:

“I’m always reminded that our bodies were built to do this. It’s such a beautiful thing to be able to give birth, but I didn’t realize it until afterward. Before I was even pregnant, that was always my hope for women in general, that they could learn to continue to love their bodies through the changes and the ups and downs.

She speaks on the devastation to notice her stretch marks to embracing them:

“And then, when I got pregnant, I had to reimagine my relationship with my body with this creature inside me taking over. I was gaining weight so rapidly. Then, to get stretch marks on my stomach, that to me was like, ‘Oh my gosh. I can’t believe this happened.’ At first it felt devastating, and then when I met Isaac, I said, ‘No, this is exactly what every woman has talked about for ages. This is not just a battle wound. This is something that has changed my life forever, and I’m going to celebrate my new body.”

It’s a beautiful thing that Ashley has embraced her stretch marks- and that she is not shy for anyone to see them. But, then we come back to reality of the business she is that is modelling. Are the mass going to be accepting of Ashley’s stretch marks as she walks down that run-way and seeing her in ad campaigns.

Do you have stretch marks from your pregnancy- and are you embracing them or embarrassed of them ?