Black Ink’s Crew Charmaine Had Her Baby

It seemed like Charmaine was pregnant forever, but the baby is finally here. Believe it or not, it is just one baby Charmaine gave birth to. It’s easy to have thought she was having twins by the size of her tummy.

This makes for Charmaine’s first child, and does she ever look relieved, happy and tired. Sadly, Charmaine’s mother is not around to enjoy her new bundle of joy. Charmaine delivered a baby girl who she named Nola.  She announced on Instagram:

SAFE DELIVERY! Head full of hair!

Sadly, Charmaine’s mother, Glenda Walker(below, right) was not present to enjoy her new bundle of joy. The reality star’s mother passed away on October 23rd. It was not revealed what the cause of death was.

On one episode of Black Ink Crew, Chicago Glenda Walker revealed to her daughter that medication she was taking for high blood pressure was affecting her kidneys. Walker revealed at the time:

“All the years of being on hypertension medication, it has affected my kidneys. I’m in stage 4 of renal failure. … When you get to that fifth stage, they have to put you on dialysis,” said Glenda at the time, adding, “There’s no reversing my situation. None. So it’s about moving forward.”

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My baby just wants the tit n sleep 🥰

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