Nick Cannon’s 7th Baby By 4th Baby Mama Is Here

Nick Cannon 7th Baby

It was just on June 14th Nick Cannon had twins with another woman, and just weeks later he has having one more baby by another woman. Alyssa Scott said to be the 40 years old entertainer’s girlfriend at the moment announced the baby news online.


Scott proud to be a mom said this of her baby being born:

I will love you for eternity.

It was a baby boy for Cannon and Scott. They named him Zen S. Cannon. This makes for Nick’s 4 baby in six months. Something is going on hear that we can only speculate on, and that is- these women cannot be so stupid to not know Nick’s already bundle of kids out there. Nick has also displayed the behavior of a man that is not willing to settle to one woman.

So, it can only be assumed that these women are obligating themselves in having babies for Nick for financial means. No woman with a straight face can say that they got with Nick believing that they saw a future with him. All one needs to do is check the receipts on him. Gotta give it to Nick though. He has claimed all 7 of his children- and looks to be coughing up the dough for all of them. How can we really complain.

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