Paris Hilton Is Not Pregnant

Paris Hilton

She may look pregnant but she is not. Reports circulating that Paris Hilton is pregnant is all lies says the socialite. News circulating off the rumor mill saying Paris Hilton is pregnant forced Paris to jump off her pile of riches to make the world know that she is still very much not pregnant. The news of a 40 years old pregnant Paris seemed almost too good to be true. If you have watched Paris over the years you would know that even at 40 years old being a mom is too early for the socialite.

Paris addressing the reports of her being pregnant as false came through her podcast, This Is Paris. Paris claims she woke up to 3,000 text messages regarding reports she is pregnant. She says all 5 of her iPhones have been blowing up since the entertainment outlets have been reporting she is pregnant. Hold on a minute! can we just talk about the fact that Paris says she has five connected cell phone lines for herself.

Who needs this many cell phone lines. Does she has that much going on that she cannot have even at least 2 phones; one for personal and one for business. What could the other phones be for? Weird. Anyways, the lanky free spirited blonde reacting to news that she is pregnant said:

I am not pregnant. Not yet. I am waiting til after the wedding. My dress is being made right now, so I want to make sure its gorgeous and fits perfectly. So, yeah…I just looked online and I see tons of stories coming out with the headline that Paris Hilton Is Pregnant.

I guess I shouldn’t have worn my new Paris Hilton bra from my new lingerie line otherwise they like to make up rumors. So, I don’t know how this rumor start- but I’m assuming it was the Paris Hilton bra from my new lingerie line.  I was wearing it at dinner with my fiancé, Carter.

Paris goes onto say that she is not yet pregnant- and says she will be though after her wedding to her Carter Reum. Paris made no secrets about it that she claims that she underwent in-vitro fertilization treatments. That was months back. The reality is there that it is difficult for a woman at 40 years old to get pregnant naturally. Paris is 40 years old. Still there is a chance she can get pregnant naturally at 40 years old.

Paris Hilton

This has proven to be possible amongst many women. She can also get pregnant by in-vitro. However, the reality is always there too as well in that Paris may have years of struggle trying to get pregnant by both methods. This is also common. Pregnancy is a blessing, and not every woman is able to achieve this. So, good luck to Paris on this mission.