White House Goes Against Dr Anthony Fauci’s Advice Not To Wear Mask; Orders Staff In Wearing Mask

White House Staff wearing mmask

The White House has ordered its staff to wear a mask when on duty, and especially around President Donald Trump. The decision in ordering its staff to wear a mask as a fighting measure against COVID-19  comes just days after Dr Anthony Fauci said:

People should not be walking around with a mask. When your in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might may people feel better, and it might even block a drop lit but its not providing the perfection that people think that it is.

Trump has been indifferent to much of what Anthony Fauci has said during the fight against coronavirus. It’s not all that surprising that they are engaging in the opposite of Fauci not seeing the importance of mask for people who are not in the medical field. On the other hand though- it’s never a bad thing to be extra safe, but we are guessing the White House’s demand of their staff to wear mask may just be rubbing Fauci the wrong way.

From The New York Times:

In an internal email obtained by The New York Times, people who work in the cramped quarters around the Oval Office were told that “as an additional layer of protection, we are requiring everyone who enters the West Wing to wear a mask or face covering.”