Diary #2: Coronavirus Mishandling By Government Costing Me Income

I want to sit here and rant, rant, rant and blame the government non-stop for their irresponsibility and mis-handling of the coronavirus. You probably thought that by me saying that I want to rant that I am selecting not to rant. No, I am going to rant. First, there are many leaders of many countries to blame for not quickly containing the outbreak of the coronavirus when it was first detected.

The deadly virus consistently circulated as if it was dosed on the population. What is most shocking is that America who wants to be a leader of the world, and enjoys running the show has not stepped up as guardians of the world. America, listed as one of the richest country in the world has surprisingly not been able to get a grasp on the coronavirus. The lack of strategics and resources in combating the virus has not been present.

Governments are suppose to be our guardians, and they failed in containing the virus which is now out of control. We are told to stay home to avoid contracting the virus believed to be moving among our communities. It’s not known how long life will be like this. One thing that is known for sure is that I don’t currently have an income. I have some funds saved up. However, with no income coming in for what appears to be a lengthy time period…the clock is ticking for when this money runs out.

Reports are saying that the government may send some form of financial relief to people as myself struggling with no income. I remind myself though that this is just a talk by government filled with politics often for politicians to gain from. I am more reliant on the little savings I have to carry me through this turbulent time. Here is hoping the government gets a handle on things real soon.