Kylie Skin Called Out As Non Vegan By Fans As Reality Star Says The Line Is Vegan

Kylie Skin by 21 years old Kylie Jenner has been detected as a lie in being vegan. Kylie Jenner’s fans are targeting the reality star, and business woman as a liar after she said her skin care line as not using animal products. Apparently, Kylie seemingly thought her fans are dummies that just stuff and buy her products, and believe whatever it is she is saying. The beauty mogul miscalculated in her fans checking out the ingredients on the Kylie line of products they purchase.

Fans reportedly found out that the skin care product’s ingredients which are not vegan in her toner and face wash. It’s said that Kylie Skin Vanilla Milk Toner has Squalane in it, which is a source most commonly taken from the livers of deep sea sharks.

Additional findings of Kylie’s products were identified by her fans displayed more sources of animal traces. This is not good news for the movement of brand that surged the reality star to billionaire status. It doesn’t help Kylie that popular YouTubers Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star gave a barely passable review of Kylie Skin. Check out the review below:

Clearly, the above YouTubers have not yet identified that Kylie’s products are not vegan as fans are saying. We may not like it, but Kylie probably just didn’t pay attention. Many celebrities typically just slap their face on skin care products based on its smell, and not so much focused on the ingredients. Then they hope for the best. Someone probably told Kylie her skin care product is vegan free not understanding themselves completely on where certain ingredients come from.

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