Solution For Hair Growth As Simple As Your Lifestyle

This solution for hair growth may help you regain back what is import to you. The hair is really important to many of us. It is a representation of our personality, our attitude of that day, and our sense of style. I noticed over the last few months my hair was thinning out. Developing a bald spot concerned even more. I was concerned. I wondered how can I be losing my hair in my 30’s. Now, my solution to hair growth will not work for everyone, but it worked for me. There are many reasons why a person lose their hair. My reason, and the solution I put in action to have my hair grow back worked.

What is going on I thought? I wondered if stress would be the reason as to why I was losing my hair. I also worried that losing my hair maybe hereditary. My hair dresser first noticed I was losing my hair after seeing my bald spot. She said, “oh, your losing your hair. We have some products that can help you in having it grow back.” I was given different oil products to produce hair healthy hair growth, and even a special shampoo and condition. I tried the products I was given to bring my hair back to its luscious fullness for one year. No positive results came about in using these products.

My bald spot at the back of my head was now widening. Even more, now I see the hair on top of my head was thinning our greatly. I thought to myself, what is going on. Reflecting on my lifestyle when it came to sleeping, and resting well. Realizing I was not doing either of these things well. I was eating poorly and sleeping badly. I began eating better by including a lot of fish into my diet along with vegetables and fruits.

In addition, I blended fruits and vegetables along with some squeezed lemon. I drank one glass of smoothie a day five days a week. Further, I included two bottles of ensure to my diet daily 7 days a week. I would drink one ensure in the morning and one in the evening after a meal. As the months went by I drastically began seeing improvements in my hair.

My hair was growing back, and I was so happy. Upon one of my schedule appointments my hair salon, I hairdresser noticed my hair has grown back, and ask me what I am doing. My answer to my hair dresser in saying that I just changed my eating style by placing vegetables, fruits, fish and ensure into my diet was a shock for my hair dresser. I have kept this diet for myself, and have provided the same to friends and family, and so far-the results have been positive.

If you are losing your hair, try my method. It may just work for you. My method is surely better than cutting off your hair as some hair dresser would have you believe in making you hair grow back. My solution to hair growth is also better than wasting money on “hair growing products.” Budget yourself and try what has worked for me in my hair growing, because it might work for you as well.