“My Husband Had Baby With Woman He Cheated On Me For 15 Years, Now I am Living My Life,” Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams is single and ready to mingle, and age is no option. All is a go as long as they are legal it appears. A 25 years old guy just won himself the Wendy Williams’ jackpot. It would seem so anyways. According to reports- Wendy is mingling with a 25 years old man she met in Los Angeles. The guy is just 7 years older than Wendy’s son. Wendy can literally be his mother. Just few months of her divorce filing and Wendy allegedly has taken interest in another man. Wendy’s 25 years old guy pal, Marc Tomblin is no stranger to the law. Tomblin was in the law’s grasp after he plead guilty to conspiracy to commit armed robbery with a deadly weapon.

Tomblin for his act in a robbery that consisted of two other men faced 15-30 months in prison. Now, everyone has a past, but a past of a criminal is another thing. And, robbery!. Wendy talking like many newly single mothers out there says she is a 54 years old woman, and knows what she is doing. Wendy says she is just having fun after feeling the heat of her close communication with the 25 years old Tomblin. She also added this to justify her fun:

Look, my husband had a full baby with a woman he was involved with for 15 years…where I was cooped up only to be a show pony. Now, I’m living my life.

Wendy reportedly met Tomblin as she partied with her new celebrity friend Blac Chyna in Los Angeles. Wendy has been spotted out shopping with Tomblin, and pulling out wads of cash from the ATM. Something that surely will turn Tomblin’s eyes green. We wouldn’t be surprise if Wendy is buying this guy clothes in building a wardrobe for him. Speaking on Tomblin, Wendy had this to say:

He is lovely, but let me make it clear. I don’t have a boyfriend.

We have already stored this story in the “failed Relationship files.” We know this thing with Wendy, and this 20 something year old will end as fast as it started.

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