Reports: NBA Star James Harden Tried Blessing Saweetie’s Cash App With $100,000 For Date With Her

Saweetie and James Harden

There are some women out there who still respect themselves, and no amount of money or help a man has to offer will change that unique woman’s mind. Wannabe rapper Saweetie sees the intention of the everyday man, and is not going to be tricked by his “good gestures.”

So, it goes that NBA star James Harden allegedly looked to blessed Saweetie’s Cash App with $100,000 all to reportedly take her on a date. Its said that after sending Saweetie $100,000 that the NBA star then asked her out on a date. Insult much?

It is an insult to any respectable woman for a woman to offer her any sort of money to go on a date or pay her way for hidden agendas. Saweetie is no idiot though. Reportedly, the independent rapper saw through the bull, and allegedly rejected the NBA star’s alleged $100,000 to take her on a date. I never get these kinds of story.

Who is that desperate to get in a woman’s pants to pay their way there. Whatever happened to wooing the woman, and talking straight and displaying respect. Oh, in case you are interested in age…Harden is 31 years old whereas Saweetie is 27years old.

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