The Debate: Having Genuine Female Friends, The Disagreement And Agreements

Man and woman relationships

Comedian Steve Harvey sparked a debate on his past comments on Tic Tock with him saying men are not friends with a woman genuinely. Rather, Harvey says men only befriend a woman with the hopes of having sex with her one day. With every disagreement there are some who agree on a subject.

The debate at The Breakfast Club got interesting on the launched topic by Harvey. A female caller to the morning radio show had this to say on the subject on whether a man and woman can be genuine friends:

He is totally accurate. That I can say based on experience. I don’t think any man can truly be friends with a female. Especially if they both attractive like just strictly be friends. I think¬† that the only case that can really happen if your guy friend is guy.

Another caller said:

I believe a man can have a frienship with a woman without having other motives.

See the debate below: