Rihanna Sports High End Heels And Bathing Suit Only Rich People With Money To Play With Can Afford

Get ready to be a bit pissed off. Rihanna is wearing heels costing $1,860 while you maybe one of many worrying about money during COVID-19 time. Reports say that the Bajan singer turned businesswoman is sporting the high end heels designed by her “boyfriend,” A$AP Rocky as part of a collaborative work with Anima Mauddi’s fashion line.

In case you are wondering where you can that metallic bikini top Rihanna is wearing…first decide if you are willing to drop a whopping $990. Yes, that is how much the swimwear designed by Rick Owens cost. If you are one with deep pockets to splurge, you can go over to Farfetch for the latest hottest trends. Wonder what Rihanna’s financial cut was to promote her ensemble for the companies above.