50 Cent Compares Lil Kim To An Owl After BET Awards Performance

Lil Kim compared to Owl

Over the years Lil Kim’s(Kim) face has taken on some wild transformations to the point that she has become unrecognizable. Kim is not listening to any truth to how she looks now though in comparison to before. Positives yes, but keep the negatives-which would be the truth away from her.

50 Cent however went the limit in insulting Kim’s facial appearance publicly. The G-Unit boss compared Kim to an Owl after her BET Awards performance, and got a quick reaction from Kim. Kim then revealed and questioned 50 Cent’s insulting her looks to her rejecting his dinner date. Making fun of her facial appearance, Kim started off responding in saying:

Lil Kim has a book coming out in November, and it looks like she is referencing to 50 Cent that she touched on him allegedly asking her her out. She said:

50cent, I address that situation all in my book coming in November. Make sure you go get it. Pre-orders available now.”

It is not the first 50 Cent compared a notable face to something less than pleasing. You may recall he compared Wendy Williams to an E.T.