Andrew Caldwell Holds Jesus Responsible For Freeing Him From Jail

Whatever your religion- you may view Jesus as a prophet or God’s son. The point of this is- if Jesus is not on the level of his father who gave us life, why is it that he is getting more recognition than his father, and our creator? Now, let’s get to it….Andrew Caldwell, the man that revealed to the world some years ago that he is not gay no more was arrested for not paying traffic tickets, and failure to show up to court. Caldwell was arrested along with another man whom he got into a fight just off of the highway in St. Louis.

It appears that Caldwell’s street fight with the man and police getting involved was when it was detected Caldwell had a warrant for his arrest. The street fight between Caldwell, and the unknown many is said to be Caldwell not taking rejection well. Reportedly, Caldwell pursued the man, and he is said to be the one who followed the man– which resulted in a fight.

Caldwell however after being released from jail said the opposite of that story, saying Jesus dropped his charges, allowing him to be free. Caldwell in his words:

I did not go to jail for a warrant. I had a warrant, but I was being followed. I was downtown St Louis on my way home jumped on the highway. Next thing I know this car started following me. I pulled over at my exit. Something told me not to go home. I did not go home. I stopped near the hospital, Kings Highway. I pulled over. Let down my window. Next thing I know he punched me in my face.I got out, so I punched him in his face. Bust out his window. Bust out his face. They charged me with 5 felonies. Five. I went to jail. They investigated. The prosecutors dropped the charges

The Officers were very mad that they dropped the charges. No, Jesus dropped the charges. So, stop calling be a DAMN BIRD! I’m not a jailbird. Do y’all hear me? I’m not y’all mama, and I’m not y’all daddy. Some of y’all needed to hired a lawyer. I didn’t have to do none of that. He did it.

A whole lot is not ringing right about Caldwell’s version of what happened. Are we alone in this?

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