Backlash Roll In On Jada Smith For Her Comments Saying Snoop Dogg’s Verbal Assault On Gayle King Affected Black Woman

Jada Smith is receiving backlash for reaching deep into her bag of tricks. The tricks, Jada placed a spin on Snoop Dogg’s anger towards television journalist Gayle King as an all out assault on women, black women in particular. We don’t know if Jada is a friend of Gayle. But, we saw how quick she was in firing her piece of mind out the gate to Snoop by saying that his verbal attack on Gayle took the power of voice away from women of color.

Jada seemed to have forgot herself even as a black person. You cannot ask for equality and then not expect to be treated the same as others. Having said that, Gayle is a journalist, and should be under fair criticism just like any other journalist. Promoting her interview with Snoop, Jada said:

@snoopdogg is coming to @redtabletalk Wednesday, February 26th to have an in-depth and insightful conversation about The Culture of Disrespect Between Black Men and Black Women. Join us❣️.

Despite that message from Jada in promoting her interview with Snoop as appearing to understand’s Snoop’s feelings, the trailer displayed Jada as into herself. Social media observers noticed and began commenting away. We captured a few of the comments:

Another social media user had this to say about Jada’s reaction to Snoop:

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