Boosie Frustrated Over The Stupidity Of Black People Lining Up For Gucci Merch; Reminds Them Gucci Doesn’t Like Black People


It maybe been a while, but rap artist Boosie has not forgotten the actions of the Gucci clothing line that has exhibited acts of racism. So, if you ask Boosie on if he would go in line to purchase any upcoming Gucci merchandise- it would be fair enough to think he would say no way in hell.

The rapper was disgusted at the reality that black people were still supporting Gucci after all the offensive acts the fashion giant displayed publicly through their designs. Its not only Gucci that is seen as racist towards black people. Let us not forget the time Burberry did that whole noose thing around a model’s neck as she walked down the run way. Boosie railed into a bunch of black people lining up outside a Gucci store waiting for entry. He shouted to them:

Gucci don’t like black people, I don’t know why y’all in that line. Gucci don’t like black people, I don’t know why y’all in that line,” he repeated. He continuing accosting the patrons calling them “stupid as a mothaf***a.

No one from the video of what we saw budged from the line to enter the Gucci store. Brand may just matter to some even with reported racist actions by that brand.

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